What is 3Dreamz?

We are a young team from near Hamburg that has made it our mission to make 3D printing accessible to everyone. As a young team of 3D draftsmen, programmers, designers and engineers, we want to share our resources and pass on our knowledge. At 3Dreamz, we rely on the latest 3D printing technologies to realize individual and customized projects. Our goal is to support a wide range of industries through high-quality 3D printing services, workshops and consultations. Do you want to know more about product development at 3Dreamz, or take a look at our products & services? Then take a look at our portfolio!

The solutions of this platform

Our self-developed platform revolutionizes the way we handle 3D objects. You can work seamlessly with 3D printing, 3D drawing and 3D scanning and control and save all processes centrally. Our platform enables you to connect physical and digital worlds by using and managing your files efficiently. Whether you work alone or in a team, our user-friendly interface supports real-time collaboration and interaction so you can realize your projects faster and more effectively.